6 Features That Will Come To Android This Summer Have Been Announced!

Google has unveiled new features that will be available to its Android ecosystem over the summer. Focusing on 6 new features, the company says that one of these features can be used in Turkey as of today. Other features will be available over time.

Google has unveiled new features that will be available to its Android ecosystem over the summer. US-based tech giant Google has shared a new post on its website that it has created for its Android operating system. This post reveals what new features will be available to the Android ecosystem over the summer. According to the statements made by Google, users in our country will have the opportunity to access one of these features as of today.

According to Google, the Android ecosystem will have 6 new features during this summer. These features include an earthquake warning system, star messages, recommended emojis in messages, more ability with voice command, more functional Voice Access, and improved Android Auto. So what benefits will these features bring to users in the Android ecosystem?

Here are 6 new features coming to Android this summer

Earthquake warning system

The earthquake warning system, which was recently introduced in New Zealand and Greece, is one of Google’s latest technologies. Thanks to the built-in sensors of the phones, this feature, which can detect earthquake waves in seconds, allows users to be warned a few seconds before the moment of an earthquake. As of today, this feature can also be used in Turkey.

Starry messages

Starry messages are actually one of the features that many users use on an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. A feature where you can add stars to an incoming message makes it easy to access these messages later. According to Google, the starry Messages feature will be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Recommended emojis

Google’s artificial intelligence will learn about the emojis that users use during messaging, then recommend those emojis to users. Spanish Portuguese English, English, Spanish, and Portuguese language only.the feature, which can be used on Android 6.0 and above devices, is currently capable of deep learning for messages written in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. While Google has said they will expand the scope of the proposed emoji feature, it is unclear when that will happen.

Google has also improved its voice command system, which has already been available for a long time. Triggered by the” Hey Google ” command, the Assistant will now be able to do everything from running an app to querying information about the user.

Improved Voice Access

Developed for consumers who have difficulty using their smartphone with their hands, Voice Access can only be operated by looking when updated. In this way, users will not need to give any voice commands to run Voice access. The phone will activate Voice access as soon as it sees the user’s face.

Improved Android Auto

Google engineers, who have also made significant improvements to Android Auto, now make it much easier to connect to tools. In addition, the A-to-Z button now makes it much easier to access the features of Android Auto. On the other hand, now a user will be able to use various messaging applications, such as WhatsApp or messages, much more conveniently when using Android Auto.

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