A Video has emerged showing future innovations with Android 12

Google is preparing to share more details about Android 12, which it announced in February, at a developer event in the coming days. Some of the information that comes out before the event shows us what to expect.

Google announced a new version of its operating system last February. Although there is no clear information about when it will be available to users, Android 12 is expected with curiosity and excitement, as with all versions of Android. It seems that those who want more from Google, especially at the point of design, will be able to respond to these requests along with Android 12.

In the last few Android versions, Google did not make very big changes in design, it did not meet expectations in this direction. Some images from Android 12 show that the new version will come with plenty of innovation in this sense. Although we expect Google to touch on the details of Google I/O between May 18 and 20, we can say that it is new for Android, although the leaked images from Android 12 appeared a little familiar design sense.

Jon Prosser, a YouTuber, included details from Google’s official promotional video, which he would use at the I/O event, in his latest video. According to these details, Android users will encounter many innovations at the point of design. In all of these innovations, it seems that the overall design language will have more rounded lines. Although it reminds us a little bit of the design language of iOS, Android 12 looks pretty good as a result.

New widget designs are the first to catch our eye in the video. It seemed nice to add a little innovation to widget designs that Google hasn’t touched in years. Another notable point is the customizations and improvements that appear to be introduced at the notification point. In addition to small touches, such as the combination of notifications from the same app, it seems that there will also be some changes that indicate that we can edit the notification screen as we wish.

At the same time, the video also features a new keyboard design, new system animations, and minor changes to the lock screen. Although all the details contained in the video seem to be really innovative and more modern, we will also talk about the great similarity between them and iOS in abundance.

Although we are currently only trying to find out about what happened in a leaked video, we will soon learn more from official sources. For now, we have to wait for Google I/O, which will start on May 18, with what we have.

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