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11 Affordable and Quality Wired Headphones Recommendations

by teknoai

Headphones are essential for anyone who wants to enjoy music. Headphone technologies are so advanced that we can say that hundreds of new products come out every year. There are very expensive earphone models as well as very cheap models. In this content, we compile quality and affordable headphone models. Let’s take a look at the affordable and quality wired earphone models we have prepared for you.

Headphones are almost as important as mobile phones in our lives. Although we cannot allocate as much money as phones as a personal budget, people to listen to quality music He wants to buy good headphones. Headphone prices are also increasing in parallel with the increase in TL-based prices. That’s why high prices can be paid for a good headset. In such a period good price / performance headphones can be difficult to find. Therefore, it is necessary to act according to the criteria related to both sound quality and hearing performance.

Some headphones provide very successful sensations at very affordable prices. The reason for this is the material and frequency value. However, since some headphones have a unique ‘color structure’, we can get a crystallized sensation. This means different success criteria for everyone. On this list, which often receives good reviews and popular earphones We place. For people who want to give the right headphone the right price, we have prepared a list according to the appropriate budget.

  • Note: to the prices of the products by clicking on the titles.

Affordable and quality wired headphones:

  • Samsung GH59-11129Q
  • MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass
  • Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition
  • Philips SHE1405BK/10
  • Apple EarPods MNHF2TU/A 3.5MM
  • Kz EDX 1DD In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
  • Sony MDR-ZX310APL
  • JBL Tune 500
  • Philips SHS3300BK with Earhook
  • Philips SHM7110U/10

Those standard and wireless headphones that come out of Samsung Galaxy boxes Samsung GH59-11129Q

A product that has been discounted frequently recently. Samsung GH59-11129QWith its half-in-ear structure, it offers long-term music enjoyment without earache. It has 160 cm cable length and 3.5 mm connector structure. This style headphones are aesthetically pleasing While it may seem tiring in long-term use, the Samsung GH59-11129Q prevents it. It promises a long-lasting use with its soft ear support. You can find the product here.

The most sensible cheap earphones on the market for wired earphone lovers for years: Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition

Affordable quality headphones Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition

Working in harmony with all phones Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition, is especially loved for its success in bass. The product, which has a lightness that cannot be felt in the ear, comes with HD microphone support. Xiaomi Mi Piston Basic Edition, which you can use on a computer or phone, listening to music and watching movies It promises great pleasure in your activities such as You can find the product here.

For those looking for wired headphones for long-term use, Philips SHE1405BK/10:

Affordable quality headphones Philips SHE1405BK10

Philips SHE1405BK/10 Thanks to the deep capsules designed for you to listen to music anywhere, it offers a music experience that does not hurt your ears. It also provides a pleasant sensation with its non-crystalline clear sound feature. Headache after prolonged listening to music You can use it with pleasure because it will not do. You can find the product here.

Apple EarPods MNHF2TU/A 3.5 MM that comes out of iPhone boxes but can be used with all phones

Affordable quality earphones Apple EarPods MNHF2TUA 3.5 MM

It has an important place for those who want a practical use and a clean sound. Apple EarPods, It is preferred by many people. If you evaluate the product with the comments of people who have used the product for years and bought it recently, you can see that it is a complete f/p product. You can find the product here.

Kz EDX 1DD In-Ear Headphones with Microphone

kz zs3

Kz EDX 1DD comes to the rescue of those looking for a sporty headset with its aesthetic design and assertive colors. having a character Kz ZS3, It gives very successful results for high-pitched sounds. It offers successful results especially for instrumental experiences. You can find the product here.


Affordable quality headphones Sony MDR-ZX310APL

Produced by Sony for years and received generally positive reviews Sony MDR-ZX3 over-the-head headphonesappears as a complete f/p product. The earphones are lightweight and easily foldable. You don’t even notice when you carry it in your bag or pocket. You can find the product here.

JBL Tune 500

Affordable quality headphones JBL Tune 500

One of the best-selling products of the JBL brand JBL Tune 500 powerful sound Capsule attracts everyone’s attention. It is becoming the choice of smartphone users because it offers a quality and powerful sound. You can find the product here.

Philips SHS3300BK with Earhook

Philips SHS3300BK with Earhook

The answer to the search of those who want to listen to high quality music. Philips SHS3300BKWith its ear hook structure, it does not fall out of your ear even when doing sports. Although it is called in-ear, it has a structure that does not hurt your ear and does not tire you while listening to music. You can find the product here.

Philips SHM7110U/10

Affordable quality headphones Philips SHM7110U10

With a slim and elegant design Philips SHM7110U/10stands out especially with its single port. Philips SHM7110U/10 headphones, which also have a built-in microphone, can be used comfortably on both computers and phones. You can reach an enjoyable music experience with powerful sound capsules. You can find the product here

Affordable and quality earphone models We have come to the end of our list. You can reach these products, which are offered for sale in our country at current prices, through online shopping opportunities. What are your suggestions and experiences on headphones? You can share your ideas with us via comments.

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