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A Surprise Egg That Has Been Hidden for 20 Years on Xbox Has Been Discovered

by teknoai

The surprise egg, which was found on the original Xbox, Xbox’s first console, and which could not be solved for almost 20 years, has finally been solved.

One of the two biggest names in the console market today. xboxThe first generation of ‘s debuted about 20 years ago. Back then, games, DVDs, and consoles’ interfaces “Easter Eggs“So it was kind of a tradition to keep surprise eggs.

Of course, the Xbox kept a surprise egg in its first console in that fashion. For years people have struggled to find this little surprise, even just for this He bought an Xbox console. But this is small well hidden No one found the surprise. Indeed, at last the original Xbox console a member of the developer team the solution to this mystery Kotaku He shed light on the event by sending it to the game news website named.

Xbox and surprise eggs:

There were actually a few other surprise eggs on the Xbox console, but they were already in the early days. easily had been found. Of these, the most well-known surprise on the other hand, when “<>” is typed in the CD section of the interface, they were secret generics. Although all of these surprise eggs had been found, Xbox’s “There’s still one more egg” to the players and to themselves “Egg Hunters“It attracted people who said.

Here is that surprise egg that has been hidden for years:

Here are the steps to find this egg:

  • Enter the “Music” section in the interface and insert an audio CD.
  • Select “Copy” twice on the screen in front of you.
  • Then select the “New Soundtrack” option.
  • Xbox will ask you to name this file.
  • You need to change the file name to “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” and yes, there are exactly 26 letters “y”.

After completing all these processes and waiting for the console to write these audio files, you will see the names of the ‘Xbox Interface Team’ when you select ‘System Information’ from the settings screen on the main screen. Actually, that’s all the surprise is about, but back then such things were very valuable to players and hunters.


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Even after years, the fact that this secret was finally solved made people who could not solve it at that time and those who were obsessed with these issues happy.

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