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Realme Prepares to Announce Its New Laptop

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Realme CEO Madhav Sheth has officially announced that they are preparing to announce a new laptop in a post on Twitter. A photo in this post suggests that Realme’s laptop will be a MacBook Air competitor.

Realme, one of the popular technology companies of recent years, laptop Looks like he’s making preparations for his announcement. CEO of the company Madhav ShethA post from Twitter reveals that this laptop will have a very thin design.

Madhav Sheth on Twitter new product categories He said he has a message for Realme fans. consisting of only the numbers 0 and 1 coded a message The CEO of Realme, who also published the article, said that the followers can decode the code, learn the message and guess the name of this product. So what was this message?

Here is the post that Realme CEO made on Twitter

In the message hidden by the binary coding system in the share of Realme CEO on Twitter, “Hello World!“so”Hello World!” was written. For our unfamiliar readers, this phrase means that the software world most basic building block Let’s say that everyone who tries to learn software starts off by writing hello world first.

By the way, the photo in the tweet of Realme CEO shows some information about the laptop that has not been introduced yet. tips contains. Looking closely at this photo, we can see that Realme’s laptop will be in metallic construction, and it is also quite a slim design We can see that you will have Because this laptop is a into the envelope in positioned. So, does this photo look familiar to you?


Strict Apple fans, because of the photo shared by Realme CEO to 2008 they may have gone. Because Steve Jobs, who was the CEO of Apple in those years, introduced the MacBook Air in a similar way, by taking it out of a paperwork envelope. Here is this similar situation between the two companies, the laptop will be announced by Realme. MacBook Air He thinks he might be his rival. However, we do not have the slightest information about when this laptop will be introduced.

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